Anatomy & Physiology

Cost / Bookings:
Cost: £125.00


Anatomy & Physiology Course

Our anatomy and physiology course is a great course which will help you understand the body and all its systems.

So if you have an interest in learning about the body or if you are interested in learning Reflexology or Massage this is the course for you! To be able to learn Reflexology or Massage you would need to hold a A&P qualification.

Our course is run as an Online course, where you will be sent each module to complete during your own time. After each module has been completed you will have an assessment to be taken. this will be done via a Zoom call. Upon completion of each module and assessment you will have a final exam which will again be completed via Zoom.


During the course you will learn:

  • Cells & tissues
  • Skeleton & joints
  • Blood & lymph
  • Muscle & nervous system
  • Skin & hair
  • Digestive & excretory system
  • Respiration & Olfactory
  • Endocrine & reproductive & breast

This course is run at your pace.

you will be required to complete your assessments and final exam over zoom.




Next Steps:

If you would like to book on this course please either contact us through our contacts page, email us at, or contact Charlotte on 07900 506 277 to discuss courses and available dates.

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